Planning a Sowing Calendar for Your Vegetable Garden

A sowing calendar is a crucial tool for any gardener, as it helps you plan when to sow your seeds and transplant your seedlings to ensure a bountiful harvest. Having a sowing calendar is going to change your gardening journey and unleash the productivity in you and your garden.

I learned the hard way how important the time of sowing is in gardening. Few years back, when I was new to gardening, I sowed tomato seeds in June. They grew very well, but by the time they matured, it was already cold, and they had no time to produce any fruits. I lost three months of growing time because I started them late. This experience taught me that to get the maximum harvest within a short period of time, the time of sowing is crucial, especially if we’re living in a country with short summers.

You don’t have to make the same mistake I made and start your gardening journey right. That’s why I created two simple sowing calendar that can be downloaded and used as a guide.

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I encourage you to download and customise the calendar according to your needs.

How to use the calendar?

The yearly calendar has been colour coded to denote the time of sowing, time of transplant and time of harvest.

The monthly sowing calendar is grouped by months. I’ve left a blank page in the same format so that you can add your own list of crops at the end of both the calendars in case you want to customise them.

Watch the video below to know more. 🙂