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Making a Raised Bed for Balcony

Raised beds on balconies are quite a new trend. It was never meant for the balcony but only for gardeners with land to grow their vegetables. However, mini raised beds are quite a revolutionary idea for balcony spaces for practicing proven gardening techniques like crop rotation, intercropping, poly crop, etc.

Pruning Ficus Benjamina

Spring is just around the corner. It is a good time to get our indoor plants in shape before they put out new leaves. Pruning my ficus has been something that I have been procrastinating about the entire winter season.I bought this plant when I was a beginner in my plant journey when I has no idea how to take care of a plant.

All About Root Rot

Root rot is a night mare to all those who own plants. This is because it is difficult to detect this problem in the first place. Since the problem occurs beneath the soil most of us do not identify the problem until the plant shows some kind of distress. Root rot is a condition in plants where the root rots and starts to decay. This can be due to several reasons, mainly due to the excess moisture in the soil.

Winter Care For Plants

Winter is a difficult season for all living things. Just as we take out our pullovers, jackets, gloves, woolen socks to protect us from the cold, our indoor plants also need some special pampering during this season.

Winter care of my plants is a lot different from my summer care. I live in Germany and we have pretty strong winters, strong enough that no plants can be grown outdoors.