Today in this fast pacing world, being busy is coined as a sign of accomplishment, where we almost have forgotten to sit idle and do nothing. I tried to be busy too and find happiness in the world of 0’s and 1’s. Until I found something that could slow me down, something that helps me appreciate smaller things around me and something that grounds me. Ever since I found my love for gardening, all I wanted was to fill my small apartment with plants, touch the soil, harvest a few veggies from my balcony and use them in my kitchen and to perceive a slower life. 

I have no degree relating to plants (although an official plant degree would have been cool :D) nor a big yard nor a garden. All that belongs to me is a 70 m2 rental apartment with a 6 m2 balcony and a strong belief that “Gardening in constraint spaces is an art”. 

“I don’t have enough space” is just an excuse that stops us from getting that green haven we always wanted. Growing plants in small spaces demands a lot of creativity and that is what makes it so much interesting. 

I am Aparna and am here to journal my experiences, ideas, success, failures of taking care of my plants, both indoor and outdoor. Beware, no expert talks here 🙂